Brazil Is The Perfect Place To Take The Kids On Vacation

When planning a family vacation, Brazil is not the first destination that comes to mind. Currently, Brazil is the perfect place to take the kids on vacation. Aside from the fact that Brazilians love children, there are also many activities suitable for them. From waterfalls to children’s beaches, from short excursions to train trips: your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Brazil can finally be with the whole family.

1. Go to the Beach

There is no shortage of beautiful white sandy beaches with surf waves, active people, and opportunities to have fun all night long in Brazil. But if you travel with children, a beach with radios at most full of people partying is not for you. The beaches are a perfect place to relax and let the children run around freely on the warm, fine sand or let them play in the water. Leblon beach is the best place to visit with children because it has a Baixo Baby area reserved exclusively for them.

Organized activities and the possibility to play sports all day long will keep the little ones busy while you sunbathe in the sun and enjoy the warm water. We recommend that you go there on weekdays before dark to enjoy the Beach before the locals start arriving in the area to have fun in the evening. Remember to bring your camera with you to capture the vast granite formations called “Seventh Heaven.” The kiosks along the Beach sell drinks and food all day long, so there is no need to bring a packed lunch for the kids. According to Traveler Magazine, Leblon beach is one of the best attractions in Brazil for families on holiday.

2. Morra Da Urca

Hiking with children can be frustrating and tiring for their little legs, but many mountains in Brazil are worth exploring. A great hill to start on and with beautiful views is the Morra de Urca: it’s the perfect way to get the kids moving without the frustration generated by a very high mountain. It only takes around 25 minutes to get to the top and admire the city or take beautiful pictures. The children will be surprised that they can see so far away.

Many stalls are selling fresh fruit juice, souvenirs, and other tasty treats at the top of the hill, and the children will be thrilled and busy watching everything. When you reach the top, you need to find a way down, and with the kids, we suggest you take the tram. Let the kids get on and let them take you down the hill and enjoy the relaxation and views. Hiking doesn’t have to be an adult thing, and you’ll notice if you go with the whole family to Morra de Urca.

3. Christ the Redeemer

There is no holiday in Brazil without a trip to see the famous statue of Christ, the Redeemer, and there are many ways to make the trip more interesting for children in the city. The statue is considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world and is located on top of Mount Corvacado, the highest peak in the city surrounded by other rugged mountains. Minibusses go back and forth from the statue every day, but if you have the kids with you, there is a better way to get there:

Get on the train that runs along the steep tracks that run through the heart of the Atlantic Rainforest of Tijuca to the statue. The little red, puffy train will delight the kids, and you can enjoy the breathtaking views. Also, local Samba bands often come onboard to entertain passengers. Many tour operators offer the round trip from the hotel, and they can guide you through the main attractions of the city visible from the top. Whether you choose the guided tour or you prefer to go by train, the tour will have a unique touch that will make the trip to Christ the Redeemer much more interesting for children.

4. Sea Turtles

Most children love animals, especially if they can get close to them and see them in person as they do with giant sea turtles. Go to Ubatuba, Brazil, and don’t just explore the beautiful and quiet beaches suitable for the whole family, watch the turtles too. Ubatuba Project Tamar has a visitor center and a rehabilitation center perfect for children. They will have the unique chance to discover why it is so essential to help protect these turtles, but they will also have the opportunity to interact with them.

5. Visit Sao Paulo

There is no lack of activities for children in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, and science museums will beg you to stay here forever. For young animal lovers, there’s the Sao Paulo Zoo, with 3,000 animals, including many local species such as the black swoosh and red-breasted toucan. If underwater life is more interesting for your kids, the Sao Paulo Aquarium is one of the largest in South America and home to over 300 marine species.

Dining out is always a feat with kids. Still, the perfect place to do it in Sao Paulo is Restaurant ChoperiaCachaçariaPompéia, a restaurant in the city center built like a ranch. With a large garden and a mini-zoo full of pets, this restaurant looks like a real children’s playground with the bonus of being able to eat and drink incredibly well. If you go there on the weekend, there are organized games and the possibility to take a ride on horse-drawn carriages and wagons. Exploring Sao Paulo is the perfect combination of outdoor spaces and entertainment for children and adults. Don’t miss this city while you’re in Brazil.


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